A crown is a restoration that covers and strengthens the entire tooth. Crowns are typically used if your child’s tooth has decay on multiple surfaces, has a very large previous filling that has failed, or is lacking enough structure to properly function.

Treatment for a crown is very similar to getting a filling. During your child’s appointment at our Chapel Hill pediatric dental office, the tooth is numbed and the decay is removed with a drill. The tooth is then fitted with a crown that best approximates the original size of the tooth. The crown is then cemented onto the tooth.

Crowns are typically made of stainless steel, stainless steel with an aesthetic facing, or tooth-colored zirconia. Dr. Hardin will determine the material for your child’s crown depending on the location of the tooth. Metal-based crowns are best for molars and back teeth, as their strength can withstand chewing forces, while tooth-colored crowns are best used for front teeth to ensure the best possible aesthetics.