Answers to all of your questions about orthodontic treatment in Chapel Hill, NC.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the movement of teeth to improve the function and aesthetics of the mouth.

What should I look for when choosing an orthodontist?

Look for an orthodontist who has completed additional training through a residency program in orthodontics. Board certification is another important thing to look for when selecting an orthodontist.

While Dr. Hardin and Dr. Shauna are not specialists in orthodontics, they are specialists in pediatric dentistry, including the treatment of jaw growth issues and minor tooth movement.

Why is visiting an orthodontist so important?

An orthodontist can help align the teeth to help with better function, and help solve issues that can cause bigger problems to the teeth and jaws later in life. Orthodontics can also help your child achieve a beautiful, natural smile.

What’s involved in the first visit?

Typically the first visit at an orthodontist will involve photos and X-rays to diagnose any issues that will need to be addressed. Typically, the orthodontist will then come up with a treatment plan for treating your child.

Orthodontic Treatment at FSPD

At Franklin Street Pediatric Dentistry, we treat minor tooth movement cases. These include single tooth movement to align teeth with a retainer, space maintainers to keep teeth from shifting when teeth come out or are removed early, and expansion for jaws that are too narrow.