Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to achieve a brighter smile.

Whitening done by the professionals at our Chapel Hill dental office can be more effective and safer than over the counter products. The use of custom trays allows you to keep the bleach just on the teeth you want to bleach, rather than on adjacent gum tissue. Professional bleaching can also be faster than over-the-counter bleaching.

Over the counter bleaching can be safe, but often people end up burning their gum tissue because the trays do not fit properly. Also without regular dental care, patients are not aware of underlying issues that can cause teeth to darken.

To make custom bleaching trays, an impression of your mouth is made and trays are created in our in-house laboratory. You will receive a shade guide to monitor your whitening changes and syringes of bleach to use at home. We recommend that you bleach for two weeks to see at least a two-shade change and then bleach monthly to maintain your lighter shade.